Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Final Capture

By Dirk Pitt

Chapter 1

Dan stretched out in the co-pilot’s chair of the Spindrift’s cockpit, stifling a yawn, as he settled in for his turn on watch. The radar was pinging softly and it was looking like another long boring night filled with the occasional blip as giant insects and animals foraged in the world outside. The 7 crew and passengers of the Earth ship Spindrift had survived on this alien giant world for over 3 years and they’d learnt to always be alert for danger. By giant time he reckoned it was about 3am, only 3 hours before sunrise.

The rest of their party were asleep outside in the make-do camp beside their spaceship, along with stripped components, wires and a myriad number of pieces from inside the ship waiting for repair. In the three years they’d been stranded on this world, the group had managed to fix a few of the parts needed to fly the vessel, but it was still a long way to go. The main problem was some materials just didn’t exist on this world and they’d had make do with some alternatives. Some of those alternatives had failed, causing them to go back to the drawing board and start again.

Despite the dangers of this world and the constant setbacks, they’d managed to keep their hopes alive of one day returning to Earth. Spindrift was their one and only hope and their protection of it from the giants was a constant battle. Fear of capture weighed constantly on the tiny earthlings minds while they were on this giant infested world.

Steve had taken the leadership of the group upon himself and Dan admired him for the job he’d done. He knew the group owed their lives many times over to Steve who had an uncanny knack of outsmarting the giants time and again. Mark had been the engineering genius behind some of the repairs to the ship and although hot-headed at times, was their best hope of getting the ship flight worthy again. The girls Betty and Valerie, both beautiful women in their late twenties, had been the balance in the group and had defused countless numbers of heated confrontations between Steve and Mark. His mind dwelled on Valerie for a moment, the beautiful cover model and pinup girl who, back on Earth, formed the centrepiece of many a man’s dream. Here she was a vital member of the group trying to survive each day, her past forgotten.

Finally his mind drifted to Fitzhugh and Barry. Those two had drawn close together over the years, Fitzhugh the sneaky naval officer who had been fleeing with a large sum of cash and Barry the fresh faced young boy, now a teenager, quickly growing into a man. Those two had proven their worth over the years and had their fare share of scrapes. He couldn’t help but think they’d all learnt a little about themselves from Fitzhugh and he served as a reminder of their hidden fears and deep down desires.

Dan was suddenly pulled away from his thoughts by a loud pinging from the radar. He looked over to the screen and noticed an impossibly large blip to the North on the edge of the radar range. The radar had a range of about 5km’s on the ground, but in giant terms that was about 400 metres and didn’t give them much time if some giant was on a direct path to the ship. He watched the blip closely, easily the size of a four story house, it was moving slowly along the edge of radar range. Then as suddenly as it appeared, it moved out of range again. Dan relaxed and hoped that was the last he’d see of whatever it was.

Suddenly the radar pinged again in the same spot, the giant object was moving back the same way it had come. Dan peered through the cockpit window. Somewhere out there in the giant forest something was lumbering around in the dark. Too far away for him to see but he unconsciously tried to peer through the gloom anyway.

The object continued moving back along the same path it had come before until it moved out of range again. Dan relaxed again, probably some drunken guy in the forest stumbling around looking for a place to sleep. They’d come across their fare share of drunken giants over the years and some had even been scared of the tiny earthlings, running away screaming they’d seen tiny devils.

The radar began pinging a third time and this time as the giant blip moved on the same course, it stopped right in the middle of its path. The object started moving in a different direction towards the SE slightly parallel to the ship, not really getting any closer, but it seemed to be wandering randomly. Once again it passed out of range.

Dan considered waking up Steve just in case, but then tossed the idea away since there was no danger to the ship just yet and whatever it was, was clearly wandering aimlessly and it was a million to one chance they’d stumble in this direction. Nevertheless, Dan was more alert now and kept a constant vigil on the radar.

A few more minutes went by and nothing reappeared on the scope. Dan dismissed it as a drunk and was about to drift back into his thoughts when suddenly the radar shrieked again. This time he could see two large blips one over to the north east and one over to the northwest. This time they weren’t meandering, they were on a fixed path and if they continued they’d come straight to the Spindrift. Dan leapt out of the co-pilot’s chair and raced outside into the camp. Steve was sleeping soundly on one of the makeshift beds. Dan shook him vigorously. “Steve, wake-up!” “Giants coming”

Steve, the captain of the Spindrift and leader of the group, was awake instantly. His dark eyes surveying Dan for a moment. “Steve, I’ve got two giant size radar echo’s and both moving in this direction.” Steve leapt up and ran to the Spindrift with Dan close behind.

Steve studied the radar and noticed the two large blips moving on the screen. They were about about 3 km’s away now and still coming closer. It was strange, both blips were coming from two different directions, but if he traced their paths they were going to meet at the Spindrift. Steve thought hard for a moment. Was this another attempt by the giants to scan for their metal or had they found some new way to detect them. “Ok Dan wake everyone up and get them into the ship. No use taking any chances.”

Dan raced outside and woke everyone from their slumber. There were some muffled groans and protests but everyone did as they were told once aware of the danger. Mark strode into the cockpit and surveyed the instruments. “Tell me what’s been happening on the radar Dan.” Dan described the original blips to both men as they listened intently. Steve said “What do you think Mark? sound like a search pattern to you?” Mark replied “It sounds like something was out there retracing their steps to try and find something. Question is, is it us?”

The objects were only about 1 km away now and were definitely on a course straight for the ship At their current speed, the two giants would converge on the Spindrift in about 2 minutes.

Steve folded his arms and placed his hand over his mouth, thinking hard. Was there something the giants were using to home in on them, something new they hadn’t seen before.

“Ok Dan, lets power everything down and I mean everything.”

Dan and Steve worked quickly and powered down the ship. In a matter of 30 seconds, the ship was a dark lifeless hulk. Without the radar, they had no way of tracking the giants so now it was just a waiting game. Steve and Dan sat in the cockpit chairs peering out the window into the gloom. The rest of the group sat in their chairs in the main cabin. The last radar echo had the giants very close, too close in fact. Steve hoped they weren’t too late in shutting the power down.

They all heard it, faintly at first, the slight thunder of footsteps from a giant moving around outside. Suddenly two giant feet appeared outside the cockpit window and then the ship lurched violently as they were hoisted up into the air. A giant face peered into the cockpit window. “Ahh Burton, got you at last.” Steve and Dan stared out with dread on their faces. It was Inspector Kobick.

The ship lurched from side to side as they were carried unde the arm of Kobick. Everyone was strapped in but it was still a rough ride as the motion of the Kobik’s legs jolted them each time his feet hit the ground.

“Here Sargent, place this in the back of my car and make sure you have two men guarding it at all times, we’ve waited a long time for this prize. They won’t be escaping this time.”

The Spindrift passengers all felt the lurch as they were handed over to another giant and then carried for a few more minutes through the forest. Steve and Dan could only look on hopelessly as they all wondered how they might get out of this one.

Finally they came to one of the SID cars parked just on the edge of the forest and were placed on the rear seat. Steve and Dan could see the black upholstery outside.

They heard the vehicle engine roar to life and doors slam as the giants got in. Mark came into the cockpit as the vehicle began to move. They couldn’t see up to the windows so had no idea where they were going. “So what do we do now Captain. Kobick has all of us and the ship. Three years down the gurgler just like that”.

“Now hang on Mark, we’ve been in tight scrapes before, just let this thing play out and see what opportunities present themselves.”

“What’s the point, the ship can’t fly, even if we did escape, we’d lose the ship and any chance of returning to Earth. Its over Captain whichever way you look at it.”

“I can’t believe the last three years haven been for nothing Mark. We’ll think of a way out of this one like we have all the other times.”

“I don’t share your enthusiasm Captain. You know what Kobick will do to us and the ship now that he has us. He’s only ever wanted the ship and its technology, we’re secondary. Now he has both, he holds all the aces”

“I‘m not giving up Mark. Kobick or no Kobick, we’re not finished yet.”

“Suit yourself.” Mark shook his head and strode out of the cockpit back into the cabin.

Dan looked at Steve. “He’s got a point Steve, Kobick’s about the most dangerous giant there is for us. I can’t see him making too may slip-ups now that he has the ship as well as us.”

“I know Dan, I know.”

After a short journey, the giant car braked to a halt and the doors opened. Once again the ship lurched violently from side to side as it was picked up out of the car and carried into the SID building. Steve and Dan watched as they were carried through a long hallway and into an elevator. As the ship was turned around they glimpsed three other giants standing with them. One dressed in a suit with a gold pocket chain they knew only too well as Kobik.

The elevator doors opened and they were carried out into a large well lighted room. They could see giant tables, computer equipment and an incredibly large number of giant gadgets scattered around the room. It looked like a laboratory of some kind but they couldn’t identify any of the things they saw. Finally they were settled down onto one of the tables and the tiny spindrift crew began counting their bruises from the rough ride.

Kobik’s face appeared in front of the cockpit window.

“Hello Burton. Nice ship. Fly it often?” Kobick let out a long loud laugh, causing Steve and Dan to cover their ears at the booming sound.

“Ok Burton, the game is up. I have you and your ship. I assume you’re all in there. I know your ship can’t fly anywhere otherwise you’d already have taken off. So you’re stranded. Whichever way you look at it, I win. I want you and your party to come out peacefully. I promise no harm will come to any of you if you do as I say.”

Steve pondered over what Kobik was asking. He knew he couldn’t trust the giants as far as he could throw them, especially one as devious as Kobick. They had one thing in their favour, Kobick wanted the ship’s technology badly and wouldn’t risk damaging the Spindrift.

Steve yelled out to the ugly peering face at the window. “No dice Kobick. If you want us you’re going to have to destroy the ship to get us.”

They saw Kobick’s face frown at them. “You misunderstand me Burton, it’s not your ship I’m after, although the thought of its technology interests me, I’m after something else – your help.”

“Our help? You have a captive audience Kobick, how can we help you?”

“Let’s discuss that once you all come out. I promise you won’t be harmed.”

“So what’s in it for us Kobick? Why should we help you?”

Kobick sighed, “Captain Burton I make no bargain with you. I only promise you won’t be harmed if you cooperate with me. Your bargaining position seems a little, well, on the small side at the moment.”

“Sorry Kobick, I need more to go on than that.”

Burton don’t make this any harder than it has to be. I give you 5 minutes to come out or I come in there and get you.”

Steve stared out of the window at Kobick and folded his arms.

Dan looked at Steve, “Steve do you think he’s serious? Would he really wreck the ship just to get to us?”

“I don’t know Dan, 5 minutes ago I would have said no, but now I’m starting to wonder. What is it he really wants?”

“Steve if he wrecks the ship, our way home is lost forever.”

“I know Dan, but I can’t believe he’d do it, the technology is far too important to him. It’s all he’s been after for the last three years.”

Steve gestured to Dan to come back into the main cabin. He relayed the ultimatum to the rest of the group. Mark was the first to leap up.”Do we have a choice? We can’t stay here forever. Even if he is bluffing, we have no food and water in here. How long do you think we can hold out? As much as I hate thinking about it, I don’t think we have a choice.”

Steve looked at the rest of the group and saw the look of doubt on their faces.

“I’m not giving up. I’ll go down fighting if I have to but this ship has been our only hope. I’m not giving up now. If Kobick wants our help it’s going to have to be on our terms”

The rest of them looked at Steve. It was Valerie who spoke first. “Steve you’ve been the group leader for the time we’ve been stranded on this world and you’ve got us this far. I’m willing to stick by you.”

The rest of the group nodded, except for Mark who shook his head in resignation.

Steve said, “So we stay and call Kobick’s bluff.”

Steve and Dan came back into the cockpit and peered into Kobick’s giant face.

“Time’s up Burton, what’s your answer.”

“Sorry Kobick, you’ll have to destroy the ship before you’ll get us.”

Kobick frowned again. “Very well Burton, have it your way.” And the giant face disappeared.

A loud screeching noise made them all jump. Somewhere outside they could hear the throb of a huge motor. Suddenly a searing high pitch screeching assaulted their ears as a vibration shook the hull of the ship. Steve and Dan raced back into the main cabin in time to see a massive spinning blade pierce the roof of the main cabin. The giants were cutting through the hull. The giant blade started at the side of the roof and began cutting towards the other side. Betty and Valerie screamed and Fitzhugh leapt out of his chair and ran towards the rear of the cabin, cradling Barry who had raced after him.

Mark ran towards the door of the ship, but was tackled by Steve before he got there. “Look what you’ve done, they’re serious, they’re cutting into the hull to get to us.” The screech of grinding metal was deafening and made them wince as sparks showered over the inside of the cabin.

Steve shouted at everyone to stay down away from the spinning blade. Kobick was cutting the ship open like a tin of sardines and there was nothing he could do to stop him.

Mark was still struggling to get to the door but Steve held him fast. “Let me go Captain, one way or the other they have us, we have to stop them before they damage the ship beyond repair. It may already be too late.”

More sparks showered them and the power in the cabin flickered and then went out as the blade cut through the main power circuits carried in the roof overhead. The blade reached the other side of the cabin and began turning towards the rear of the ship. They were cutting a large oval in the roof of the ship big enough to uncover the whole cabin area.

Steve screamed above the noise. “Mark if you go out there they get what they want, and we lose the ship. Stay in here, we make sure they destroy this ship so that they can’t have the technology.”

“You’re a fool Burton. It’s over. They still get some of the technology anyway, cutting a hole in the roof won’t destroy everything. Now let me go.” And with a final kick, Mark brought his boot hard into Steve’s head causing Steve to release his tackle on Mark.

Mark scrambled up and raced for the cabin door. Before anyone else could stop him, he opened the door and was out. As soon as he stepped outside the door a giant hand grabbed him and carried him away. Steve and Dan peered out the cabin window as they saw one of the SID guards carry Mark away from the ship and out of the room.

A new sound came from the main door. Left open, the giants had pushed a metal bar as far as possible into the small hall between the cockpit and the cabin. It filled the hallway and blocked any access from the main cabin into the cockpit and also barred their escape through the main door.

Steve and Dan slumped on the floor and watched as the spinning blade continued its course down to the rear of the main cabin roof and started across to the other side again. It would only be another minute or two before the roof was completely open to the giants. Valerie and Betty were sobbing in the front corner of the ship, their eyes wild with fright as they saw their only chance of returning to earth disappear with each shower of sparks into the cabin. Fitzhugh and Barry were at the rear of the cabin cowering as far as possible into the back corner with Fitzhugh using Barry as a human shield. It was dark in the cabin without power and already a lot of the internal wiring was hanging down from the severed roof.

A new sound clanged against the hull as the giant saw was nearing the end of its cut. Two giant metal wedges were placed either side of the large cut and as the saw finally completed the cut, the metal grips tightened and lifted the entire roof section off the spindirft.

With the roof completely off the earthlings peered up into the ugly grinning face of Kobick.

“Still trying to call my bluff Burton?” Kobick sneered as he looked into the tiny ships cabin. He noticed the little fat man holding the boy closely with absolute fear etched on his face. He saw the women huddled together in another corner and then the two pilots crouched on the floor looking up at him.

Kobick reached in and grabbed Steve and Dan first lifting them out carefully as they began kicking and squirming in his massive hands. He placed them into a waiting jar.

Then he reached in and grabbed the two women. They both screamed and wriggled in his grip, kicking their legs frantically. He gripped them both in separate hands around their tiny waists and laughed as they beat their tiny fists onto his giant fingers. He barely felt them. “You two pretty things are going to have a wonderful time I can assure you.” He placed them into a separate jar next to Steve and Dan, with some sort of soft straw covering the bottom of the glass.

“And you little fat man, what use are you to this brave party, cowering in fear behind a boy” With that Kobick reached in and grabbed the howling Fitzhugh and squirming Barry and placed them both into a third jar separated from the other groups.

The jars sides were far too high to reach and were made of a clear thick glass. Steve had already tried to quickly etch the glass with his pocket knife but it had resisted any attempt at chipping or even scratching.

Kobick smiled at them all. “End of the line little people. I have your ship and I have you. You should have taken me up on my offer Burton, now your ship is beyond repair. Take them away Sargent and remember, a guard is to be watching them at all times. They’ve slipped through my fingers too many times to take chances now.”

The sergeant and two guards carried them away in their jar prisons as they looked back and watched Kobick and two other giants in lab coats lean over and look into the open roof of the Spindrift. Then they were out of the room into another hall. Steve wondered if that’s the last he’d ever see of his ship.

Along the hall they could see four doors, each jar was carried to a separate door and they lost sight of each other as they were carried into separate rooms.

Valerie and Betty both huddled together silently watching the giant carrying them. Their giant was the sergeant of the group and was a foul smelling pig of a man. He leered at them through the glass jar and constantly smiled at them. “Well my pretties, welcome to your new home, or should I say prison” He carefully placed the jar on the table where they could see a large wooden box with a caged roof and several small areas in side. The sergeant reached in and grabbed Betty, picking her up and carrying her over to the box and placing her inside. Valerie could hear a few screams from Betty as she fought with the giant and then he came back for her. He carefully put his hand into the jar and reached for Valerie. She managed to outrun his grasp the first time and almost ducked under his hand the second time but she slipped over on the soft straw. The giant grabbed her legs and dragged her upside down out of the jar. She wriggled as best she could and her plaid skirt fell down revealing the yellow stockings underneath all the way up to her waist. The giant looked at Valerie closely and ran his eyes over her slender legs and slim firm looking bottom as she was hanging there. “Hmm you are a pretty little thing when seen close up.” Then he carried her, by the feet, over to the large box and placed her inside. He looked down at the two women, smiled an ugly looking toothy grin and then walked away out of their sight. Betty came over to Valerie. “Are you alright? I heard what he said.”

“I’m fine” replied Valerie.” The big pervert just got a glimpse of some arse that’s all.”

Valerie stood up and brushed herself off. She shook “Ughhh I hate being picked up by those monsters.”

Betty said, “Well I’ve had a quick look around and we’ve got three rooms, one looks like it’s a rudimentary toilet, one’s a bedroom with some rough looking furniture in it and this room looks like its just a spare area for who knows what.

Valerie wandered into the other rooms and checked out the ramshackle beds. They looked like a couple of giant paddlepop sticks glued together with some cloth placed over them for coverings.

The toilet was a basic affair with a hole cut out of a doll’s house chair and a large dark drain pipe that went down and away to somewhere else.

“Well I guess it’s better than a jar.” smirked Valerie.

“Lets see how sturdy this box is.” said Betty.

The girls searched every inch of their prison and could find no weakness in the box, no implements of any kind. In fact without the beds and the toilet it would have been a bare empty box.

They both returned to the main room and sat down on the floor leaning against a wall.

“So what do we do now?” sighed Betty.

“Nothing but wait and see what they want with us”

“Did you hear Kobick when he captured us, we’re going to have a wonderful time, what do you think he meant by that.”

“I don’t know but I didn’t like the sound of it.”

“Valerie, for the first time in a long time I’m scared.”

“I know Betty, so am I.”

Chapter 2

It seemed like ages before they saw anyone again. They guessed it must have been at least a full day and getting into the evening before the Sargent came back again. They’d been given no food and were ravenously hungry.

When the sergeant came back in both girls yelled at the top of the voices. “What’s happening, why are you keeping us here, we need food.”

“Now now my pretties, all in good time.” The giant Sargent peered down at the tiny women. The one called Betty was dressed in a yellow skivvy and a grey skirt that came down to her knees. She was staring up at the giant with her hands on her hips looking defiant. Her short blonde hair was dishevelled but she had a pretty face.

The one call Valerie was dressed in a short plaid skirt with yellow stockings that matched her yellow long-sleeved shirt. The most striking thing about her was her long flowing red-brown hair. She was a gorgeous creature and his eyes wandered all over her tiny body, noticing the long slender legs, the small mounds in her shirt where her tiny breasts poked at the material. Yes she was a beauty alright.

The giant pondered over his own life, remembering the two failed marriages and the string of broken relationships. His luck with women had been really bad and now well into his 50’s he didn’t expect to settle down with anyone again. He’d been with the SID all of his working life and it was the one thing he’d clung to in times of need.

Now he had these two defiant women looking up at him like it was his fault they were in this predicament. Was it his fault they were made so tiny, was it his fault they had crashed landed on his world. Kobick said they were dangerous and to watch them closely, but looking down at them now crying out for food, they seemed harmless. With their ship captured, he couldn’t see much hope for them. All he could see now were two whinging women who were going to keep nagging at him because they wanted something from him. Something he wasn’t able to give. Like all the rest he thought to himself. Well this time he was in control, this time he was the one giving the orders. He was the all powerful.

He reached in and grabbed the one called Valerie. She screamed and squirmed as he wrapped his hand around her waist. She struggled in his grip and he could feel her little legs trying their best to get free.

“Little lady, you are going to understand who is in control here. Me. I want no more shouting and whinging. I am the only person you are going to see and hear from for now on. I am your master. Do you understand?
Valerie stopped struggling and looked at the giants face.

“What do you want with us, all we want is some food.”

“Kobick said you’re to have nothing until your captain agrees to cooperate and help us.”

Valerie suddenly bit down hard on the giant’s finger holding her around the waist. “Ow!” said the giant and pushed her head away with his other hand. “You little bitch. It’s time someone taught you some manners.”

Betty had been watching from far below at the scene unfolding and grimaced as she watched the giant take Valerie away to somewhere else in the room. She could hear Valerie yell out and heard her muffled screams but had no idea what the giant was doing.

The giant took Valerie over to another table in the room and sat down on a stool. With his elbows resting on the table, he gripped her tiny shoulders in the crook of his hand and pinned her arms down her sides so she was unable to move her body, but could still move her head and legs. Valerie tried to wriggle but the giant hand felt like a steel vice that wouldn’t yield. She screamed at him to let her go but he ignored her yelps.

With his other hand he began to rub his thumb and index finger along her slender legs, up her thighs and over her waist. He rang his finger over her breasts, grunting in pleasure as he felt the tiny soft mounds sitting there. Valerie screamed a guttural cry of “Nooo!” , realising with horror what was about to happen. Hoping against hope another giant might come and see what was going on, but no one came. The giant continued his exploration of her entire body with his finger and thumb. Always coming back to her breasts and massaging them gently with his fingertips. Valerie screamed out “Leave me alone you ugly beast, ugh” as he began to get more and more pleasure from her tiny figure.

The giant lifted Valerie’s skirt with his fingers to reveal the yellow stockings covering her pelvis and groin area and ran his index finger down between her legs. Using his thumb and middle finger, he easily pried her legs apart and ran his index finger over her groin between her legs and underneath. Valerie screamed as loud as she could and starting saying “No, please no. Stop!”

The giant seemed to get more pleasure from her squeals of protest and he began to realise what a perfect body this tiny woman had.

The giant released his grip of her shoulders and arms and Valerie immediately tried to wriggle free. With one quick movement he grabbed one of her arms and picked her up, noticing the pain etched on her face as he did so. She dangled helplessly by one arm, squirming furiously. He grabbed her other arm and holding her with both arms above her head in one of his giant hands, began his exploration once more of her body with his other hand. He ran his finger tips over her front, always paying special attention to her breasts, using his two forefingers to feel the bumps there. He ran his fingers over her backside, lingering on the tiny firm bottom she had. All the time she was twisting and turning trying to wrench herself free of his grip.

Valerie was starting to panic. She was exhausted from the screaming and the yelling and she could see the giant had lust in his eyes, an all too familiar sight she’d seen in men her own size. She had no idea what he was planning to do, but she was completely helpless. The pain in her arms and shoulders was horrific. She felt horribly humiliated and wanted to get away from it all but everytime she closed her eyes and opened them the ugly giant’s face was still there licking his ugly massive lips, smiling hideously and covering her in his foul stench of breath which was coming out at a rapid pace now.

The giant began tugging at her short skirt. It was a loose fit since she’d lost some weight over the three years marooned on this planet, so it was fairly easy for the giant to draw the skirt down from her waist, over her knees and off altogether. He placed the skirt gently on the table. Valerie was now dangling with her bright yellow stockings and her yellow shirt hanging loosely over her waist. She was so exhausted from struggling and fighting every grope the giant had made that she was now close to passing out, the pain in her arms was excrutiating and she could feel her arm and shoulder muscles beginning to weaken and stretch.

She yelled at the giant to let her arms go, but he ignored her pitiful cries for help.

He used his index finger to try and pry the elastic waist of the stockings away from her body. He was having trouble getting a grip on the material, it was very tight fitting and his fingers were just too big for the task. He reached over and found a giant pair of tweezers from the myriad of scientific instruments on the table and used them to pull apart the material from her body. Valerie felt the cold of the metal against her skin and shuddered as the giant inserted the metal down inside her stockings. Why was he doing this, she kept screaming at him to stop.

As the material finally pulled away, he was able to use the tweezers to pull the stockings down to her thighs, revealing her white panties and slender white thighs for the first time. The giant purred in pleasure as he saw her slim legs in the flesh and the tiny mound of Valerie’s pubic hair under her tight white panties. “You sure are a gorgeous little thing.” he said aloud.

As her stockings came down to her knees, he was able to grasp them between his finger and thumb and pulled them completely off. Dangling from his hand was the most perfect set of legs he had ever seen on a woman. He ran his thumb and finger up each one carefully, feeling the tight little muscles in the calves and the firm thighs. He ran his index finger over the little white panties and forced his finger between her legs, groping her there and rubbing gently. He crooned as he felt the softness and the warmth of the area.

It was all Valerie could do from going into complete hysterics. She was shaking all over, shaking her head from side to side and continued to scream out “No, NO, No, leave me alone NO.!..”

Back in the box, Betty was numb with angish. She couldn’t see what was going on, but the cries coming from Valerie were gut-wrenching. She could only guess what horrific torture Valerie might be suffering. She slumped down in the corner and sobbed to herself. Trapped in the box, there was nothing she could do to help her friend.

The giant placed Valerie gently down on the table on her back and released her. Valerie quickly sat up and tried to retreat away from him crawling backwards on her hands and feet. The giant brought his hands down to her and began to lift her shirt above her waist. She couldn’t get up because of the weight of his fingers on top of her. He began to pry the shirt apart at the buttons using force to tear each button one by one from the shirt. She grabbed at the shirt to stop it from ripping, but the giant fingers were no match for her tiny arms. Finally he ripped the last button open and leaving her shirt dangling, scooped her up by the waist and legs. Valerie could only think to protect herself and wrapped her arms around herself to stop the shirt exposing the flesh underneath. The giant laughed and began to tug at the shirt’s collar from behind. Slowly but surely, Valerie was loosing the battle. Her shirt was being lifted from her and there was nothing she could do about it. Through the force of the shirt being lifted up, Valerie’s arms were brought up above her body and the shirt was finally dragged off her arms and torso. She screamed again, trying to cover her eyes and anything else that was exposed, but the giant had won. His eyes widened at the sight of her exposed white bra and more of her soft white flesh. He could feel her exposed backside in the grip of his palm and using his other hand drew his index finger over her bare belly, up over her bra and along her breasts. Valerie beat his finger with her tiny fists, but they didn’t seem to invoke any reaction.

With his free hand, the giant groped at her bra, causing her breasts to wobble under his touch. He scratched at the strapping, but his fingers were too large to pry it away. Again he picked up the tweezers and carefully lifted the front centre of her bra up and out from her breasts toward her neck, exposing Valerie’s perfectly formed breasts. Valerie fought him every inch of the way, but her size was no match for the giant. She felt incredibly tired. Her struggling combined with the lack of food and water was beginning to take its toll.

Once loose, the giant used his fingers to lift the tiny bra over her head and tossed it on the table beside her other clothes. The giant grabbed her tiny breasts between his index finger and thumb and gently massaged them. He licked his fingers to make them moist and gently rubbed them over her bare upper body. He could see the tiny nipples going hard from the cold and continued to rub each breast giving him waves of immense pleasure. The little woman had stopped screaming and was now barely conscious. She had become much softer in his grip and he knew she had almost exhausted herself from fighting his attentions on her.

Finally she went completely limp and he knew she had feinted. He gripped her upper body by placing his fingers under her arms and wrapping them around her breasts, leaving her waist and legs dangling free below his hand. Her body was warm and soft to the touch and he stared at her lying in the palm of his hand. She was perfect in every way. Her tiny breasts covering the upper half of her body, her smooth doll like skin and the long red/brown hair flowing over body. His gaze lingered on the small white panties covering the last vestige of her womanhood and those legs. Those legs were incredible. Long slender things that ran perfectly into her slim hips and firm buttocks. She was the picture of an angel. Certainly he had found more pleasure in her than he had in any woman his size. They’d mostly been large ugly women who’d ordered him around and given him a tough time of it. Living off his pay packet and giving nothing in return. Now he was the master and this little woman was going to do his bidding.

Holding her there, he wondered how the others of her party would feel once they found out what he’d done to her. He chuckled as he knew they’d be furious. It was late at night, so there were only a few people in the building. Kobick had long since gone home so there was no one that would disturb them.

Valerie still hadn’t stirred so he began to rub her body again ever so gently. He reached for her panties and with his index finger and thumb gripped her hips on both sides and began to slide them down. The panties slid away easily. They were the bikini briefs that a lot of the women his own size were wearing these days. As the panties slipped down, her dark pubic hair began to be revealed and as he slipped the panties down past her knees and off her legs he looked longingly at the soft fur patch between her legs. He opened her legs gently and began to rub his huge finger over her pubic hair below her belly at first and then down in between her legs. He was arousing himself so much it was painful. He ran his fingers all over her body feeling each part like it was brand new. He ran his finger from the tiny face down over her breasts, flicked them gently a couple of times to watch them wobble and then down her belly and between her legs. It was a beautiful feeling running his fingers over her again and again. He could never tire of gazing at something so perfectly formed. He turned her over in his palm so her breasts rested gently on his fingers and her backside was completely exposed to his gaze. He ran his fingers over her perfectly formed backside and played with her tiny bottom. It wobbled as he moved it back and forth with his index finger.

He noticed the tiny woman beginning to stir again as the body became a little tenser. He rolled her over onto her backside and left her lying gently in his hand,.watching her as she slowly came round and her tiny little eyes came open. Suddenly she was awake and looked around. She screamed and sobbed as she became aware of her nakedness. She didn’t talk to him but simply began sobbing and shaking. She no longer cared that she’d lost all her clothes.

“Well my sweet you’re an angel, but let’s see what other pleasures I can extract from you.”

Valerie, a bit more alert now looked up at the giant “Haven’t you had enough you ugly beast, what more do you want. Thank the gods you can’t fuck me. If all you want is to purve then here check it out” And with that Valerie splayed her arms and legs out as far as they would go giving the giant an eyeful of her complete spreadeagled body.

The giant chuckled, “Thanks my dear but I have something else in store for you.” And then drew her near his mouth where he washed over her entire body with his tongue, plunging it between her breasts, washing over her tiny nipples and then finally poking down between her legs where he drew back and exclaimed, “mmmm that’s glorious.” And then plunged her tiny body towards his mouth again, covering her in his putrid saliva.

Valerie could barely breathe, such was her horror and fear at what the giant was doing. Her entire body was covered in the thick slime of his tongue and she was gagging at his disgusting breath. Finally being unable to stand it any longer, she vomited and dry reached and feinted again.

The giant noticed the small trickle of vomit from her mouth and grabbed a small tissue to rub her clean. He gave her head a gentle flick to wake her up. Valerie stirred again and noticed she’d been wiped clean although she could still feel some of the saliva running between her legs and in her hair. She was too exhausted to protest anymore, she just wanted it to be over with.

The giant placed her gently down on the table lying on her back. Pinning her there with his thumb, he reached across and grabbed something from a shelf on the table. Valerie realised what it was in an instant – sticky tape. She still had vivid memories of that first capture when the giant scientists had taped her and Steve to the table. She shivered at the thought.

Valerie let out a small squeak of protest but her mouth was dry from the vomit and she could barely manage a whisper. The giant snapped a piece of tape as long as her body from the tape holder and fastened it over her belly and waist. Then, releasing her, he used both hands to fasten more tape pinning her arms down beside her body. Valerie tried the bonds, there was no way she could lift the tape off the table and get away. She was stuck fast. The giant grabbed one of her legs and began to pull it out wide. She tried to bend her knee but he grabbed her whole leg and ensured it was completely straight. He taped the one leg down securely with a piece of tape over her thigh and another below the knee. The leg was completely pinned down. Then he did the same with her other leg. She was now lying spreadeagled, completely naked looking up at the ugliest monster face she had ever seen. The giant looked over his handiwork. He stroked her pubic hair with his finger tip and watched as she struggled to get out of the bonds. He picked up a magnifying glass and brought it down close to her, giving him a far better look at the luscious parts between her legs. He could see the woman’s vagina and clitoris clearly now amongst the rich red/brown pubic hair. Funnily enough it was exactly the same as the women his own size.

Valerie sobbed again and again with a couple of feeble “No – stop it” coming from her parched lips. How long had it been since she had food or water. She was really beginning to slip between conscious and unconscious states now and she no longer cared what the giant did. Suddenly a sharp tearing pain from between her legs brought her to full reality. The giant laughed softly “Ahh I thought that might bring you back to us.” The giant had what looked like a long slender stick between his fingers and he was probing between her legs with it!!

‘NO” she screamed, but the giant, using his magnifying glass, began to probe her vagina and clitoris with the stick. In his hand it looked liked a tiny piece of splinter. To her it had all the dimensions of a huge blunt ended pole that was being thrust into her loins.

She felt it draw down the lower part of her vagina, the giant gently pushing as though searching for something. “Somewhere here isn’t it.”

Finally it reached the top of her clitoris and the giant began to feel with the stick for the opening down there. She could feel the smooth surface of the stick had some sort of muck on it to make it slippery. Probably his saliva and she shuddered to herself. At this point she tried to shut out all emotion, all feeling. She could feel her sanity slipping away, it was the very worst nightmare that could ever come true and it was happening to her right now. She yelled out in agony as the giant found her cavity and began to push the stick in. She arched her back as she felt the stick ripping at her insides, threatening to rip her womb from her body, she tried to position her body to minimise the pain as it went in, but nothing she did could shake it. The giant was tearing her clitoris apart. Then he began to pull it back and forth causing her the most agonising pain she had ever felt. She let out an agonising howl and fell unconscious.

The giant noticed a pool of blood begin to form between the tiny woman’s legs and knew at once he’d gone too far. He removed the stick and stared at it closely noticing the end covered in blood. “Oh no he muttered, what have I done.” The tiny beautiful woman was lying unconscious on the table completely naked, but he no longer saw that anymore. He’d caused her an injury and now he was aghast. Perhaps the other female knew how to help her. Quickly he took the sticky tape off her body, picked her limp form up gently and carried her over to the box with Betty in it, grabbing her clothes from the table in his other hand. Some of the blood fell onto his hand as he carried her so he knew she must be bleeding quite badly inside. He peered into the little people’s box and found the other woman sobbing in a corner with her knees drawn up and her head resting on them.

“Help her!” the giant called out. “I think she’s hurt.” Betty jumped at the sound of the giants voice and looked up to find the giant peering at her from over the box’s wall, He lowered Valerie into the box and Betty was shocked to see her completely naked and bleeding from between her legs. Quickly she rushed over to Valerie and began to check her vital signs. “What did you do to her you monster!” Betty screamed.

Valerie’s pulse was weak and her breathing feint. Betty knew she had to work fast or Valerie could slip away. She grabbed Valerie’s clothes that the giant had placed beside her in the box and put them over the top of her to keep her warm. She searched for the source of the bleeding and knew that by the amount of it she needed to stop the flow quickly. The giant was almost pleading “Oh please can you help her, please don’t let her die. I didn’t mean to hurt her, it’s really just a silly mistake.” It was all Betty could do to keep her composure and not lose it at the giant. She had to focus on Valerie. “I need hot water and lots of tissues. NOW!!” she barked at the giant. He disappeared and reappeared with a giant bowl of hot water and some large tissues which he placed down beside Betty. Betty worked quickly mopping up the blood and keeping pressure on the area where the blood was coming from. She guessed it was an internal injury that was going to need surgery to fix. All she could do for her now was to stop the bleeding and keep her still. “We need food and drinking water. Quickly!” Betty shouted at the giant.

Again he went away and came back shortly with small bowls of bread and chopped fruits and tiny doll house cups. Valerie was starting to stir and looked dreamily up into in the eyes of Betty. “Oh Betty I’ve had the most horrible nightmare.”

“Shh Val, its ok, just try and drink this and rest.”

Valerie took sips from the cup and slumped back into a restful sleep.

“Is she ok?” asked the giant still watching intently from overhead?

“She needs to lie still and get plenty of rest. I’ve stopped the bleeding but she needs surgery to fix whatever you’ve done.”

The giant nodded. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Just leave us alone, you’ve done enough harm already.”

At that the giant walked away and out of the room.

Betty leant over Valerie and sobbed. She could only guess what the giant had done and now seeing Valerie’s naked body lying here confirmed her worst fears. She shuddered at the memories Valerie was going to have when she woke up. Suddenly Earth seemed a long long way away.

Chapter 3

Steve and Dan had been carried into a similar room and roughly placed into a large box with three rooms in it. Their captor was a young SID officer who made no sounds and ignored their attempts to speak to him.

“Well Steve, what next” asked Dan.

“Its their move Dan, I don’t like our chances of getting out of this box.”

They’d already thoroughly searched the box and found nothing they could use to climb the walls of even provide leverage. The sides were as high as a three story building so there was no way the two of them could reach the top.

They wondered how the others were faring but had no way of contacting each other. They hadn’t thought to grab the radios when they’d been unceremoniously plucked from the Spindrift.

“You know the Spindrift’s had it now” said Dan.

“I’m not giving up hope Dan, even if we have to live our lives on this planet there is no way I will ever be a plaything of these giants. We’ll get out of this, lets just wait for the right opportunity.”

A day had passed and they’d seen or heard of no one. They were starving and getting fairly thirsty. They’d tried yelling out a few times but no one came.

The natural light faded and it became dark. Just as they’d decided to turn in, they heard the door to the room open and large footsteps enter their room.

Suddenly over the top of their prison wall, appeared the smirking face of Inspector Kobik.

“Enjoying your stay Captain? I trust everything is to your liking?”

“Where are the others Kobik what have you done with them?”

“Ahh always concerned for your party. Don’t worry they’re unharmed, just as you will remain, as long as you cooperate.”

“Are you threatening us now Kobik?”

“Captain you have been an elusive thorn in my side for three years now, your party, your ship, your technology and your constant escapes. I realise I’ve been too lenient on you, tried to show you respect, keep you safe, showing you compassion. But all I ever get in return is frustration and end up looking like a fool. Clearly I had the wrong approach.”

“So what torture is now part of the plan? Even you aren’t that much of a monster Kobik.”

“True, but then what you’d consider extreme pain I’d consider a mere flick of the finger so its all relative Captain.”

“Harm us and you’ll never get what you want Kobik.”

“But I already have what I want Captain. I have your entire party, I have your ship and its wonderful technology.”

“Tell me Kobik how did you find us? Some sort of new metal tracking device?

“Now that is an interesting story. You see one of our scientists has recently discovered a way of sending a radio wave out to detect objects some distance away. In fact far out of sight distance. We developed a simple way to rotate the device so we could have 360 degree coverage. Quite a useful military application.”

“Steve, he’s talking about radar” whispered Dan.

“Imagine our surprise when our detector started to pick up more than its own signal bouncing back. How could there be two signals out there? It took a while before the scientists realised it wasn’t a fault but there was actually another emitter somewhere. Since the only advanced technology around the city was yours, it wasn’t long before they called SID in to investigate. It was easy to create several of the detectors and home in on the source.”

“Well done Kobik. So what do you want with us?”

“I’ll be completely open with you Captain. I need your engineer’s knowledge to help construct a new power source. The city’s power is dwindling and so are the raw materials to power it. We need to find a new source of energy that can power the city but be far more efficient.”

“Well why didn’t you say Kobik, we’d be only too happy to help. If you let my party go, I’ll remain behind as insurance and offer whatever help I can give.”

Kobik laughed out loud causing Steve and Dan to put their hands over their ears.

Suddenly all humour wen from his face and his face conveyed the most menacing snarl they had ever seen.

“Captain the only use you are to me now is leverage to get your engineer Mark Wilson to help us. My plan is simple. Unless I receive full cooperation from your party, I will begin crushing you like little bugs each day until there is only one of you left. I start with the boy. You have 1 hour to think about it before I carry that threat out.”

At that Kobik turned around and left the room.

Steve and Dan crouched down and looked at each other.

“Steve, if that wasn’t the look of a man deadly serious I don’t know what is. Crushing us like bugs that’s monstrous.”

“I know Dan, I’ve never seen Kobik like this before. There was always an element of mutual respect, but now it’s as if we’re just insects to him. It’s not us or the ship he wants, its Mark. He knows Mark is the only one that has any knowledge to build a power source and he’s acting like its now the only important thing left to him.”

Steve sighed heavily.

Suddenly the door opened again and Kobik’s face appeared over the prison wall. He lowered his hand into the room and Mark rolled out onto the floor.

“Now all three of you can discuss my proposal. I’ll be back in one hour with the boy, to await your decision.”

“What’s he mean with the boy and what’s this proposal?” asked Mark.

“First things first Mark, what did they do with you when you left the ship?” asked Steve.

“I was in a jar for most of the time in another room. No one came in until Kobik grabbed me then. They took me through the room with the Spindrift in it and I got a good look at it. They’ve cut the cockpit out and removed the walls from the cabin. They’ve managed to cut the engines away and get to the powercells. The ship is beyond repair. I could do with some food and water, do you have any?”

“No they didn’t let us have any either.” said Dan.

“So what’s the proposal Kobik’s talking about?”

Steve and Dan went over Kobik’s threat.

“That’s preposterous, but what choice do we have?”

“None at the moment so we’ll might have to play along for the time being until we know more about what he needs this power source for.” Said Steve.

“I take it you don’t buy his story about needing to power the city?” questioned Mark.

“Not for one millisecond.” replied Steve.

“But we need to buy ourselves time to think and look for opportunities. Our top priority has to be escape. Even if one of us makes it, it gives us a chance.”

“Ok but how do we keep the giants stalled. They want me to build a power source, but they’re going to follow me each step of the way so they’ll cotton on pretty fast if I’m going slow.” said Mark.

“Lets try and find out what this is really for first and that might give us an opportunity. You’ll be around other giants who may be easier to get information from than Kobik.” said Steve.

“OK so we’re all agreed?” asked Steve.

The other two nodded.

An hour later Kobik returned. He carried the tiny figure of Barry in his hand. Kobik had gripped Barry around the waist so he could look down at the three men in the prison box. Steve could see Barry wild eyed with fear as Kobik carried him high above their heads.

“Have you made your decision Burton?”

“Kobik what happens when your little project is finished? Will you let us go?” asked Steve.

“There is no bargain, there is no escape, you will be held for the term of your natural lives. Now what’s the answer yes or no” snarled Kobik.

“It seems you leave us no choice, we’ll cooperate.”

“Very well, we’ll start right away.” said Kobik. At that, he spun around and walked out of the room taking the petrified Barry with him.

“Do you think he would have carried out his threat” asked Dan.

“I’d rather not give him the opportunity at the moment. I’ve already called his bluff once today and lost."